How to find, download and setup best VPN-like browser extensions
to unlock region-restricted websites and online streaming services

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Hola Unblocker alternatives - When the easiest method doesn't suit everyone and everywhere

Hola works just fine as a movie unlocker with Netflix, Hulu, CBS BBC iPlayer and other video streaming services. And it's completely free! More than that, both Hola solutions - the extension for for Chrome and Firefox and the VPN-like application for Windows and Android called Internet accelerator - are fast, easy to download and launch and absolutely don't require you to be an expert at software settings.

Choosing from the best alternatives to Hola

That being said, it's could be somewhat limited for some users regarding the supported streaming content services. If you are region-blocked from streaming services that are not yet in the Hola list and still looking to watch TV shows and movies or listen to music they stream for those "right" users, you might be interested in good alternative solutions similar to Hola Unblocker. Meet the most popular of them and choose which suit your needs the best.

Software and VPN services that can be a good alternative to Hola Unblocker to unlock more region-locked video and music content

  • Media Hint browser plugin

    Similar to Hola Unblocker add-on for web browsers, Media Hint is a free extension for Firefox and Chrome that automatically unblocks streaming content you come across on Netflix, Hulu, Rdio and Pandora. However, Media Hint unlike Hola isn't available directly in the Chrome Store, therefore you need to download it at their website as an add-on and then manually install it with Chrome. The similar way you'll install Mediahint for Firefox.
    Media Hint plugin is also available for Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Firefox for Android.
  • Tunnelbear VPN for PC, Mac, iOS and Android

    If you want simple, absolutely private global access to the any Internet-based service Tunnelbear VPN is that right solution for you. Just download their application (PC, Mac, iOS and Android are supported) and virtually switch to a location you need right now to access this or that website, service or app. When you want your normal connection back, just turn the Tunnelbear off with one click. But be warned: the free version of Tunnelbear will only give you 500 MB a month which is probably less than an hour of video streaming. However, for $4.99 a month you can get unlimited access with no incoming traffic limits.

    Good news are the one TunnelBear account can be used on one laptop (or desktop computer) and two mobile devices of your choice.
  • Unblock-Us - Smart alternative if you're on an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer

    Unblockus themselves calls their service a faster smarter VPN and it really works with any device. Although this is not a classic VPN service, Unblock-us routes your DNS queries through their own servers and therefore mask your true location to those websites that check it. It's therefore perfect for those who wish to watch foreign streaming media or access country-locked content on iOS devices and Mac computers, too. The Unblock-Us is a paid service. But it would cost you only $4.99 per month to cover all of your devices. You can also try it free for one week.