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Hola Unblocker - Instant region-free access to the top TV and movie streaming sites

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What is Hola browser extension and how does the Hola plugin work

Hola! Unblocker is chiefly known as a web browser extension (also called "add-on" or "plugin") that removes network region locks and website blocades. Being installed with a web browser such as Firefox or Chrome it provides the users with unblocking feature that allows them to watch top region-locked online TV and video services and enjoy popularmovie streaming websites. Almost no limits: Netflix US along with regional ones, Hulu, CBS, Fox TV, iTV, BBC iPlayer, Pandora and many more, completely regardless of where you are at the moment.
How it works? Generally speaking, Hola as well as its alternatives is very similar to so-called virtual private networks and actually works like a VPN service. The difference is that this browser plugin uses P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to share online content between users. In other words, having installed the add-on with a web browser its users make any online content which they themselves are allowed to access also fully accessible to other users.

Fast surfing, no geo-based limitations and restrictions, smooth audio and video stream - all for free and free for all!

Hola unlocker is also available as a VPN-like application, Interner Accelerator, which is even more sophisticated than Hola's web browser plugin. However, being a stand-alone application Hola! Interner Accelerator requires some settings to be done to work towards its goal. Anyway, both solutions are absolutely free and work perfectly for users from different regions. In addition, Hola Unlocker browser extension works well with the most popular web browsers - Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Apple's Safari browser and Internet Explorer are not supported by the Interner Accelerator as of yet, however you can run Hola VPN on Mac OS X simply by using using their free browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. The addon does not require any set-up configuration to be done at all. It works right out of the box.

Get free access to geo-restricted streaming services and websites that are not available from your current location or just blocked from your local network

Well indeed, we've already seen a lot of other methods of region-restrictions unlocking, incl. web proxies, changing DNS servers, using VPN services or other web apps like the Tunnelbear and such. As of Hola Unlocker, it makes the whole process very easy and flawless. You simply add the extension to your browser and it does all the rest for you. There is no need to reboot your computer or change any settings in your browser.

Hola unlocker and gaming consoles

Hola! extension for Firefox and Chrome enables access to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, iTV Player, BBC iPlayer, CBS and Fox TV streaming. With Hola you're able not only to unblock and watch or listen to streamed audio/video content with your computer or mobile device, but also stream movies or music straight to your Playstation 3 gaming console with Chrome installed. The addon won't work with Xbox 360 and Wii U, though.

Saturday 27th of August 2016